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【MEDIA】"NHK WORLD JAPAN" features a life-changing choice of a FC Nono girl

On May 31, 2023, "NHK WORLD JAPAN", the international service of Japan's public media organization NHK, will introduce a story of a girl who has passionatelly participated in FC Nono's practice every day since the beginning of its establishment.

What we are most happy about is that the story is introduced focusing on the "children" who are the main characters of our activities, while they introduce FC Nono's activity scenes and thoughts of Mr. HAGIHARA Nozomu, the founder of FC Nono.

The following is a quote from the official website (our translation):

【Indian girls shine in soccer】

While India is experiencing remarkable economic growth, the gender gap is a social problem. In rural areas in the eastern state of Bihar, girls help with household chores after school and are rarely free to play sports outside. In one village, girls can now be seen practicing soccer with boys in the evenings. This article introduces rural girls who are beginning to change through sports.

This is a wonderful program that captures the real life of each and every person living in India, which cannot be seen only in the context of "India with a population of over 1.4 billion people."

You can watch the realtime (at 20:00 JST, May 31) and archived version of the program from the link below! (The archive is available for on-demand viewing for 2 weeks after the broadcasting.)


About FC Nono

FC Nono is a football organization set up to solve various social problems and dedicated to social change in developing countries. As a charitable and social project, our mission is to improve inclusive living conditions of young girls/boys of BodhGaya city, Bihar State in India who are forced to live in poverty through our wide range of social activities focused on health, education and human resources development towards sustainable livelihoods. We reach out to the youths in impoverished families, prison, the disabled and street children.

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