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【NEW】Introducing FC Nono’s New Syncable Donation Page!

Hello! We are FC Nono, a social football team in Bihar, India, dedicated to empowering underprivileged children through football activities.

Syncable Account Opened for Donations!

We are happy to announce that we recently opened an account on the platform “Syncable”, which is an online fundraising platform dedicated to non-profit and non-governmental organizations, run by STYZ Inc.

In the past, we have had several interests about direct donations to our organization and similar inquiries. All of us here at FC Nono are happy to finally have this Syncable platform set up to be able to accept donations from both Japan and overseas supporters.

All “DONATE” button links on our homepage have actually already been modified to jump to Syncable from a while earlier… so thanks to those who have already noticed! Here, we would like to guide you through what donation to FC Nono through Syncable is all about.


Two Main Donation Options: Single Time, and Monthly Support

You can choose donation methods on Syncable by either of the two methods - Single, or Monthly Support. One Time “Single” Donation is as the name says, it is a one-time only donation, whereas the Monthly Support is a subscription donation where your selected amount will be donated by you to FC Nono.

・Single Donation LINK

・Monthly Support LINK

Single Donation to FC Nono

Instead of a subscribed donation, this is a single, one time paying option where you can choose to donate a specific amount once at any given time before considering our monthly continued support option.

The amount of donation can be clicked by choosing one of the buttons of “1,000yen”, “3,000yen”, “5,000yen”, “10,000yen”, and “30,000yen”, or by filling in your preferred amount in the blank box below the buttons.

Monthly Support to FC Nono

Our monthly support donation subscription is an option for you to support our activities ongoingly, and to continuously support our everyday activities and be part of the growth together.

For this option too, the amount of monthly donation can be chosen from one of the buttons or you can punch in your preferred amount in the blank box underneath. The discontinuing of the subscribed monthly support or changing the donation amount can be done any time through the system.

Our Returns Are To Be Decided Soon!

Our FC Nono members are trying to find something we might be able to provide as a return gift to those of you who opt for our Monthly Support Donation program. We will announce this once it’s set and ready!

Transaction Fee Coverage Option Button(Request)

Syncable also provides an option where the transaction fee and tax amount can be made inclusive in your donation. Opting for this is another small but helpful way to support us by covering these fees on our behalf. You can simply just add a click in the small box on the top left.

Syncable Membership Registration is Optional

The good thing about using Syncable is that donors can donate without having to become a member of Syncable. Its payment system is also straightforward for anyone who might not be so confident with their PCs or online payment.(and we’d be more than happy to assist if you ever need help.)

On the other hand, what could be attractive in signing up in Syncable is their Birthday or Anniversary Donation feature where you can set up your own Birthday or Celebration Donation campaign as a way to support us, something you might like to consider as a way to reach out to your loop of friends to help us!

What you CAN do without registered membership

  • Browse through Syncable

  • Search Organizations

  • Donate

What you CAN NOT do without registered membership

  • Make your own Donation Campaign

  • Browse and manage your Mypage (Donation records)

When you proceed without opting for Syncable membership registration, you will proceed and later be asked if you would like to make your membership. If you make a password for your first round of donation, your Mypage will be produced and your donation and membership will be completed together. Please refer to the Syncable membership information here.

Benefits of Syncable Membership

  • Your initial donation information (name, address, date of birth, etc) will be retained, saving you the trouble of entering them the second time and thereafter.

  • On your “My Page” you can check your donation history, and smoothly access to complete any procedures for continuing/suspending monthly memberships.

  • You can create your own personal donation campaign page, such as Birthday Donations or Anniversary Donations, for FC Nono or other non-profit organizations. Please consider this as another way to support! Click here to see some examples of the actual campaigns taking place.

2 Payment Methods - Credit Card and Bank Transfer

Syncable Payment can be processed by two ways, by credit card or bank transfer.

Payment by Credit Card(for both Single and Monthly Support)

Credit card payment is made through a payment processing service company following international standards. A regular credit card donation can be made as a one-time donation or as a recurring monthly donation, allowing continued support to be accessible for many people.

We also accept deposits from overseas using overseas issued credit cards.

Supported Cards: VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners, Discover

(Note: From the Syncable Website: "When using credit cards issued overseas, some issuers may require restrictions or settings to be changed for use outside of the issuing country. Also, for security reasons, there is a possibility that the use of your credit card may be considered fraudulent. If the transaction does not complete successfully, we would appreciate it if the donor could contact the credit card issuer used by the donor”).

Bank Transfer(Single Donations only)

Bank transfers are available for one-time, single donations. Donation is accepted from 300 yen up to 9,999,999yen. Individual donors who do not have a credit card or companies or organizations who wish to donate large sums of money can use this option. Donors are responsible for all bank transfer fees.

Other Ways to Support through Syncable

In Syncable, there are several other ways beside direct monetary donation to support FC Nono, such as the Birthday donation introduced above. We will briefly introduce them to you too.

<Other Ways of Support in Syncable>

・Make Your Own Donation Campaign

・Resell Your Branded Goods at Brand Pledge (Japan Only)

・Make Your Own Portfolio on Syncable (currently request based)

Make Your Own Donation Campaign

For your Birthdays or Anniversaries, anyone registered to Syncable can easily make your own Donation Campaign and ask friends and families to donate to the campaign. It could also be something like, “I am going to challenge to do this, so please support!” Many Campaign examples are listed on the Syncable page, so please refer to it to find hints to your next campaign that might support FC Nono!

Resell Your Branded Goods at Brand Pledge for a Good Cause

Unused branded items and clothing that might be sleeping deep in your closets at home can be donated to the Upcycling Service “Brandia” for a good cause. They are in partnership with Syncable where you can easily send your unused items in a box, which will be given an appraisal by Brandia. The appraisal amount you decide to sell to them will be donated to FC Nono (or any other organization registered on Syncable).

Making a Portfolio on Syncable

If you are a registered member, you are capable of making your own open portfolio collecting organizations registered on Syncable by theme or topic of your choice, and gather donation as a portfolio. Maximum registration is 10 organizations for each portfolio. Take note however, that currently this service is by request based so if you are interested in making a portfolio, please directly connect and inquire to Syncable on making portfolios.

Please Donate to FC Nono through Syncable!

We have briefly introduced FC Nono’s most recent online donation platform Syncable in this article. We hope it will be an accessible donation platform for many of our supporters who have expressed their means of support to our activities. With a choice from a single, one-time donation to monthly support, anniversary donations, and brand resale donations, we hope that our supporters will find a suitable method to reach out to us at your convenience.

We ask for your ongoing support toward our future activities through this new Syncable donation platform. Please let us know for any inquiries that might arise regarding this method.

If there are any other ideas that you might like to share and recommend to us, we are always open for great advice too!

Thank you always,

Team FC Nono

Jump to Syncable Donation Site

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ABOUT FC Nono / FC Nonoについて 一般社団法人FC Nonoは、インド・ビハール州ブッダガヤで活動する子どもたちのサッカーチームです。サッカーを通じインドの社会問題解決に取り組んでいます。最貧困家庭の子どもたち、刑務所の青年囚人、孤児たち、障害者の子どもたちにサッカー指導をしています。サッカー活動をフックとした健康管理、栄養改善、教育、人材育成、環境・衛生・保健・栄養教育などを通じ社会変革を目指して活動しています。 FC Nono is a football organization set up to tackle social problems and dedicated to social change in developing countries. As a charitable and social project, our mission is to improve inclusive living conditions of young girls/boys of BodhGaya city, Bihar State in India who are forced to live in poverty through our wide range of social activities focused on health, education and human resources development towards sustainable livelihoods. We reach out to the youths in impoverished families, prison, the disabled and street children.


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