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(English) FC Nono’s Next Crowdfunding Campaign Release Information

FC Nono’s Next Crowdfunding Campaign Release Information

Dear Readers, We at FC NONO, a Japanese Non-Profit Organisation(NGO) have launched our second crowdfunding campaign on READYFOR to request support for our 2023 projects and workshops conducted in Bihar, India. The campaign is aimed to budget our activities to create and provide a platform of opportunities for under-privileged children belonging to Bodh Gaya, Bihar. We will create experiences for these children for better learning opportunities and equip them for their futures. As READYFOR is a Japanese crowd-funding platform, we would like to provide information about our campaign here for anyone who is an English-language speaker outside/inside Japan interested in supporting our projects. The details of each project can be found below. To ensure the success of these projects, we greatly appreciate your support to make our efforts go even further. Your donation will have an impact on these children in Bodh Gaya, Bihar. You can follow the link at the bottom of this page which will lead to the crowd-funding donation buttons on READYFOR. Together with you, FC Nono’s activities can empower children to realize their brighter futures. If you have any inquiries you are welcome to contact us anytime at email: or visit our website at Thanks again for your interest and consideration of support. Any help and shares of this project in your circles are very much appreciated! Warmest Regards, Nozomu Hagihara, founder of FC Nono with the entire Team FC Nono ------------- FC Nono 2nd CROWDFUNDING PROJECT (@READYFOR)

In order to take a giant step toward our vision, “through football activities realizing a society where hard work is rewarded” and our mission, “through football activities we support Bihar children realize their dreams”, we are running a crowd-funding campaign on READYFOR (a Japanese crowdfunding platform) until 8th March in order to conduct the four projects which are going to be offered for the first time in Bodh Gaya where we currently run our football activities.

FC Nono’s Four Crowd-funded Projects The following four crowd-funded projects will be conducted to enable opportunities for the children in Bodh Gaya: 1. Training Sessions with a Professional JFA Football Coach 2. Empowerment Event through Art Workshop at an Orphanage 3. Nutritional Guidance Workshop for the Families and Children 4. Soy Cultivation Guidance and Field Survey 【Details of the Projects】 In this crowd-funding project, we are planning to invite experts from various fields of education, nutrition, and employment, through our main focus on football. This will be our first project of this kind to be conducted in the state of Bihar. We plan to start implementing these four projects starting April 2023. (1) Children's Empowerment Events through Football We plan to invite Katsumi Yusa, an ex-professional Japanese football player who has experience playing in both India and Japan professional leagues and currently a professional JFA(Japan Football Association) certified coach. We plan to conduct training sessions and host practice matches with children who are part of the FC NONO activity.

FC Nono started football coaching activities for children in Bihar from June 2021. With our first crowd-funding, we successfully raised funds for football gears and equipment, and currently as of Feb 2023, our children are able to practice safely in an environment where they had previously played without any footwear. The field where children participating FC NONO play is an environment which consists of dangerous objects like glass and broken pieces and trash despite our constant cleaning. These objects can cause injury to the children's bare feet and hence we need to create a safer place for the children to play.

This time, we aim to provide the children experience of learning from an expert with professional athlete background, where they will also have opportunities to start thinking about goal-setting their own futures and idealize what they want to do, such as if they wish to go into the professional field of football or any other sports or careers. ▶Katsumi Yusa ( (2) Organize Art Workshops with Children in Orphanages We plan to host workshops with Lulu Kono, a Japanese mural artist. This workshop will provide opportunity and choice for children who may not be interested in playing sports.

Art is a powerful platform and through this workshop, it will empower them to build on their creative skills by creating paintings of their own dreams and ideals, and explore ways of expressing themselves through art. ▶Lulu Kono ( (3) Nutritional Guidance for Parents and Children by a Nutritionist Under the supervision and guidance of Professor Kumiko Ebi, Department of Health Science, College of Sports, Ritsumeikan University, we plan to hold a nutrition education workshop for the parents and children attending FC Nono.

The workshop will provide on-site localized nutrition education content including ways to compensate for nutritional deficiencies, while also conducting nutrition research with Ritsumeikan. ▶Professor Kumiko Ebi ( (4) Soy Cultivation Project Field Survey for Future Job Creation We plan conducting a soybean cultivation project with Mr. Shinya Momono, an ex-professional snowboarder and farmer who is currently selling plant-based protein powder made with soy in Hokkaido, Japan.

In this project, we will not only give a workshop on productive cultivating methods of soybeans and introduce soy as an effective food option to cover malnutrition, we also seek to give opportunities for people to start their own business through growing and selling their own soy. ▶Shinya Momono (

Follow Below Links for Credit-Card Donations: ¥1000 (and System Usage Fee) non-tax deductible ¥3000 (and System Usage Fee) non-tax deductible   ¥5000 (and System Usage Fee) non-tax deductible   ¥10000 (and System Usage Fee)  non-tax deductible

Please also follow the link to read the separate article explaining the procedures for the payment. (Link will open Readyfor page)

If you have any trouble, text us anytime at Thank you for your support!

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